In the spirit of
internationally-minded clubs will emarge

Latest match result
Promoted Tournament (1st round)
vsTokai FC Wings
2018/12/02(Sun) 13:20
○ 1-0
Next game
Promoted Tournament (2nd round)
vsHomies Fujisawa
2018/12/16(Sun) 12:50
Kamome Park

Creating an 'Inter' Japan

In Japan's ancient capital of Kamakura, a revolutionary new football club that will promote the internationalization of Japanese sports and culture.



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  • 2018/03/03(Sat) 11:20 Kamakura City Cup vs Fukasawa Club Fueda Park ○ 10-1
  • 2018/04/07(Sat) 14:00 Kamakura City League vs Fukasawa Club Fueda Park ○ 8-0
  • 2018/05/12(Sat) 16:00 KSL vs Goblin Kamome Park ○ 2-1
  • 2018/05/19(Sat) 11:20 Kamakura City Cup vs Garrson Fueda Park ○ 1-0
  • 2018/05/26(Sat) 18:00 KSL vs FC Hongo Kamome Park ○ 6-0
  • 2018/06/03(Sun) 10:00 Kamakura City Cup vs Pigeons Fueda Park ○ 4-1
  • 2018/06/09(Sat) 19:00 KSL vs WINCHESTER JP Yanagishima Sports Park ● 0-1
  • 2018/07/08(Sun) 11:20 Kamakura City Cup vs Kamakura Municipal Office Fueda Park △ 0-0
  • 2018/07/08(Sun) 12:50 Kamakura City League vs RYODEN Fueda Park ○ 6-0
  • 2018/09/01(Sat) 19:00 KSL vs FT Mitsuzawa Kamome Park ○ 5-0
  • 2018/09/08(Sat) 10:00 Kamakura City League vs Toray Fueda Park ○ 5-0
  • 2018/09/08(Sat) 14:00 Kamakura City League vs MEE Fueda Park ○ 11-0
  • 2018/09/30(Sun) 11:20 Kamakura City League vs dfb Libero Fueda Park ○ 5-0
  • 2018/10/08(Mon) 17:00 KSL vs Chiyoda Kako Kamome Park ○ 3-0
  • 2018/10/14(Sun) 10:00 Kamakura City League vs Ofuna Club Fueda Park ● 0-1
  • 2018/10/20(Sat) 19:00 KSL vs Hasse FC Kamome Park △ 1-1
  • 2018/10/28(Sun) 11:00 KSL vs FCN Tanimoto park ○ 3-0
  • 2018/11/04(Sun) 13:00 Regional counter-convention vs HOMIES FC City(Fujisawa) Odawara ○ 2-1
  • 2018/11/11(Sun) 11:45 Regional counter-convention vs Imajuku Velho Society(Yokohama) Ayase sport center ○ 4-0
  • 2018/11/18(Sun) 11:30 Regional counter-convention vs CLUB BLUEHIP (Odawara) Mitsuzawa ○ 2-1
  • 2018/11/18(Sun) 14:00 Regional counter-convention vs SFAT ISEHARA SC amigo(Isehara) Mitsuzawa ● 0-4
  • 2018/12/02(Sun) 13:20 Promoted Tournament (1st round) vs Tokai FC Wings One Park ○ 1-0
  • 2018/12/16(Sun) 12:50 Promoted Tournament (2nd round) vs Homies Fujisawa Kamome Park -
  • 2018/12/23(Sun) 14:40 Promotion decision game vs Hachioji -



  • 1 GK 1 Hideyasu Sasaki Height:170cm weight:65kg 右利き
  • 17 GK 17 Seiji Kobayashi Height:178cm weight:76kg 右利き
  • 2 DF 2 Yuki Seto Height:177cm weight:73kg 左利き
  • 3 DF 3 Kohei Yamashita Height:177cm weight:60kg 右利き
  • 4 DF 4 Masayuki Hagiwara Height:176cm weight:65kg 右利き
  • 8 DF 8 Shoya Usui Height:175cm weight:64kg 右利き
  • 11 DF 11 Nobuyuki Seki Height:188cm weight:70kg 右利き
  • 22 DF 22 Riki Akimoto Height:163cm weight:55kg 右利き
  • 5 MF 5 Tetsuya Iwasaki Height:175cm weight:65kg 右利き
  • 6 MF 6 Kazuma Koseki Height:169cm weight:62kg 右利き
  • 7 MF 7 Naoki Shibao Height:176cm weight:70kg 左利き
  • 10 MF 10 Yusuke Tomizawa Height:172cm weight:68kg 右利き
  • 9 MF 9 Ryohei Noji Height:183cm weight:76kg 右利き
  • 15 MF 15 Kaito Arai Height:166cm weight:63kg 右利き
  • noimg MF 20 Lewis Brown Height:174cm weight:70kg 右利き
  • 21 MF 21 Kazuya Totsuka Height:172cm weight:70kg 右利き
  • 23 MF 23 Sohei Yoshida Height:178cm weight:63kg 左利き
  • 18 FW 18 Koki Fujita Height:176cm weight:74kg 右利き
  • 27 FW 27 Shota Iwasaki Height:175cm weight:65kg 左利き
  • ヘッドコーチ Jun Uruno
  • Manager Jun Itoh
  • Pubulic Relations Toshiya Tanaka



  • Vision
    1. To challenge and overcome various barriers through sports in an increasingly global society
    2. To build a platform of international value
    3. To develop globally-capable talent
    Kanagawa Prefectural Soccer League Division 3
    Kamakura City League B (Division 2)
    Kamakura City, Kanagawa
    January 2018
  • 鎌倉インターナショナルFC
  • Club Management
    Kentaro Yomo

  • Kenji Yoshida
  • Club Management Advisors
    Akira Toyabe (Director/ Kusatsu Onsen Football Club)

    Upon graduating from university in 1980, Akira Toyabe joined the Nomura Research Institute and was assigned to the group’s headquarters in Kamakura City. In 2002 he co-founded Kusatsu Onsen Football Club and served on the board of directors that guided Thespa Kusatsu Gunma from Japan’s regional leagues to the second division of the J.League. Since 2016 he has served as an advisor to NRI Consulting & Solutions in Thailand.

  • Carlos Eiki Baptista (ex.Supervisor for Santos FC)

    Born in Parana, Brazil. Japanese third-generation.
    Worked in key roles at Santos SC and AA Internacional de Limeira, and also contributed in winning titles in both domestic and abroad. Held management roles at Portuguesa, São Caetano and Avispa Fukuoka as well.
    With his vast experiences in major clubs abroad, he will act as an advisor for KIFC, especially in a club’s international affairs.

  • Akihiko Kamikawa(JFA endorsed S rank Coach License / General Manager of Soccer Team of Meiji University Meiji High School & Junior High School)

    Born in Kamakura. A graduate of Kamakura High School Soccer team. Head coach of Meiji University Soccer team from 2005?2014. Many of his students became pro soccer players. He became the head coach of Japan National University Soccer team in 2014.
    And his team became 3rd in the Soccer tournament of 2015 Summer Universiade. With his vast experience of coaching, he is going to be an advisor to KIFC, especially in team making.

  • Fumiya Kogure (Pro football player / Singapore S-League Geylang International FC)

    A former Japan U-19 National Team member who represented Japan at various youth levels, Fumiya Kogure joined Albirex Niigata after graduating from high school. He later joined Mito Hollyhock in the J2 and Azul Claro Numazu in the JFL before transferring to Albirex Niigata Singapore, becoming the S-League’s MVP in his first of three seasons there. He will advise the club on player acquisition and development.

  • Ryujiro Matsumura(Physical & Conditioning Advisor)

    Born In Kamakura. He specializes in body care and conditioning of athletes, athletic training, and soccer overall. He has vast experience of coaching in soccer especially in the young generations, like junior youth teams, and youth teams. In 2010, he was the team staff of the Tokyo Verdy youth team that advanced to the national tournament of Emperor Cup. He will be the advisor to the club with his experience and the knowledge. Please see here for his career.※details of career



    〒247-0056 神奈川県鎌倉市大船1-12-10 湘南第5ビル 4F


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