The first Japanese football club with an international mind from Kamakura

KAMAKURA International Football Club


Kamakura International FC will challenge and overcome various barriers through sports in an increasingly global society, to develop globally-capable talents, and to build a platform of international values


Kamakura International FC will act as a platform to build a community that has a mindset to take a new challenge, where is a hope that will lead to success, and become an icon of revitalization of people and organisations in Kamakura.



Kamakura International FC (Kanagawa Pref. Football League Div. 2 A Block)

Kamakura International FC Satellite (Kanagawa Pref. Football League Div. 2 B Block)

Kamakura International FC City (Kamakura City Football League B Block)


2018/01  Club established

2018/05  Kamakura International FC joined Kanagawa Pref. Football League Div.3

2018/12  Kamakura International FC promoted to Kanagawa Pref. Football League Div.2

2019/05  Kamakura International FC City was established, joined Kanagawa Pref. Football League Div.3

2019/12  Kamakura International FC stayed in Kanagawa Pref. Football League Div.2
                          Kamakura International FC City promoted to Kanagawa Pref. Football League Div.2

2020/04  Kamakura international FC Satellite established


Ofuna 1-12-10, Shonan No.5 Bldg 4F,NEKTON OFUNA #01,Kamakura, Kanagawa, 247-0056, Japan
COMPANY: Kamakura International.


  • Owner
    Kentaro Yomo

    After graduating from Rikkyo University (Economics major), he joined Accenture plc, and worked in Tokyo office. He was in charge of consulting the business reforms and the construction of IT systems for communications and high tech industry. In 2006, he moved to the office in China (Dalian, Shanghai), and was in charge of consulting for the Japanese corporations in Greater China regions. After leaving the company, he took 12 months to travel 32 countries that participated in 2010 FIFA World Cup, and released a book about his journey in [Round-the-World Journey(世界一蹴の旅)] Also released a book [How Did The World See Japan ?] Presently, he runs several companies in Southeast and South Asia, to develop global-minded human resources for other companies. He is based in Singapore, and work around Japan and Asian countries.

  • Chief Digital Officer
    Toshiyasu Nishii

    He is well-known as the professional Web marketing personnel who travelled around the world. he has participated in the Digital Marketing Forum [ad:tech] and other forums nationwide, and appeared in many mags, newspapers, and TVs. He started his trip in 2003, and went around Asia, South America, and Africa, and wrote his travel reports in between his trip on internet. In 2014, he went to his second round the world trip, including visiting Antarctic. After returning to Japan, he worked for E-Commerce company, working in Web Marketing specialized in SEO marketing to affiliate marketing, and founded his own company Thinqlo. He is also the executive officer of [Oasis ra daichi] and other companies.

  • General Manager
    Kenji Yoshida

    In 2014, he changed his job from IT company to football industry. He joined a pro football club in Cambodia, and worked in Sales , PR, and Match Management. 6 months after joining the club, the club was in danger of bankruptcy, so he became temporary owner of the club, and led the team to 3rd place in Hun Sen Cup. Since then, he sold the club to the new owner, and led the team to 3rd place in the national league as the general manager. After returning to Japan, he joined Avispa Fukuoka as the Marketing and Match Management manager. And he moved to present position in Nov. 2017.

  • Club Management Advisor
    Akira Toyabe
    (Executive Officer/ Kusatsu Onsen Football Club)

    In 1980, he joined Nomura Research Institute, and worked at the main office in Kamakura. In 2016, he became NRI Consulting & Solutions - Thailand Co.,Ltd, Advisor. He is the founder of Kusatsu Onsen Football Club, founded in 2002. Using his experience of bringing the team from regional league to J2, he is acting as the advisor of Kamakura Inter FC in the club management.

  • Akihiko Kamikawa
    (JFA S Grade License Coach / Meiji High School and Junior High School General Football Coach)

    Born and raised in Kamakura. An Kamakura High School Football team graduate. Acted as the head coach for Meiji University Football team from 2005〜2014. During the period, many graduates became the professional football players in J-League. In 2014, he became the head coach of All Japan University team, and led the team to 3rd place in Summer Universiade Tournament 2015. He advises to the team management from his vast coaching experience.

  • Carlos Eiki Baptista
    (ex Supervisor of Santos FC)

    Born in Estado do Paraná, Brazil. Japanese third generation Brazilian. He has worked for Santos FC and AA Internacional, and has contributed to the national titles and abroad. He also acted as the management member of AA Portuguesa, AD São Caetano, Avispa Fukuoka respectively. With his vast experiences in many big clubs, he act as the advisor to Kamakura Inter FC to become worldwide known football club.

  • Fumiya Kogure
    (Professional Football Player / Soltilo Angkor FC, Cambodian League Div.1 )

    ex U-19 Japan International Player. Played for various categories of Japan national team. Joined Albirex Niigata after graduating high school. Played for Mito FC, Numazu FC, before joining Albirex Niigata Singapore. Became MVP of Singapore League in his first year, and played for several local Singapore clubs, before moving to Cambodian League. He act as the advisor to Kamakura Inter FC with his vast experience by playing in various countries.

  • Chiaki Kobayashi
    (Adastria / Chief Creative Director)

    After graduating college, he joined major fashion apparel company, and in 2007, he founded a life style brand [niko and...] at Adastria. Presently, he leads R&D Division, to direct 20 or more apparel brands at Adastria and researching trends and developing new brands. He act as a creative advisor for Kamakura Inter FC.

  • Haruki Sawada
    (Green Sports Alliance / Representative Director)

    After graduating Kyoto University, he joined Mitsubishi Corp. and worked at Chemical Division. After working in domestic chemical markets, he moved to Taiwan and German office respectively, to work in chemical industry worldwide. After leaving Mitsubishi Corp. in 2017, he founded Green Sports Alliance Japan, and is challenging to form a new sustainable businesses. In 2018, he received a gratitude letter from Global Climate Action Head of United Nations for his works. In Dec.2018, he was invited to COP24 Katowice.